The Lightning Temple is a collaborative effort incorporating the artistic efforts of dozens of artists, many based in the Los Angeles area. Our team in 2009 will include ~100 primary designers, artists and performers and will include many guests artists as we tour around the US in the summer and fall of 2009.

Dinner meeting @sugarshack

Contact Brent Heyning for general support information for the Lightning Temple or to inquire about joining the team as an engineer, structural associate or textile artist.

Evonne Heyning manages events and sponsorships through the BizMan team, one of many collaborative teams working within our project. If you’d like to learn more about the Interactivation station contact Robo. Musicians should get in touch with David Rona and video specialists should contact Quin. All fire and lightning performers coordinate efforts under Michael Wood for stage design and Matt is our lead stage manager. If you are interested in building lightning toys for performance Christian and Jefferson will be working with our tesla coil designers.

We feed our team well and take care of each other along the way; this is a volunteer passion project for all of us and we expect all team members to come to the table with their best.


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