Internal model

This unique stage and installation is designed to electrify the core and energize the masses with participatory experiences where players interact directly with lightning. Multiple sonic tesla coils will be tuned to play music around the structure while the interactivation core allows for direct play with the currents and frequencies. At night performers on 3 top stages and 3 aerial rigs will be met with tremendous sound and light to create a new type of performance experience.

Lightning Temple is a double nested tetrahedron, an 8 pointed star with one point buried in the ground. From above the structure looks to be a six sided star with six circles surrounding, the 2D basis of the 3D metatron pattern used for this temple. The interactivation core also echoes this design.

metatronThe overall design is based on the Merkaba, Flower Of Life, or Metatron’s Cube. The shell of the primary structure is aluminum truss and fabric designed for adverse outdoor environments. The central core contains a nest of Tesla coils to produce music and a blown plasma glass display of electrical power. The inner core can be explored and experimented with both day and night or the entire structure can be used for massive stage shows for stars requiring additional lighting and performance/dance capabilities. Stages will be provided for concerts and scheduled performances as we begin scheduling our 2009 tour.


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