Setting up the Lightning Temple – Malibu 2009

11 07 2013

Setting up the Lightning Temple - Malibu 2009

One of our early test engagements in the woods in Malibu


Lightning Temple: Los Angeles 2009

11 07 2013

Lightning Temple: Los Angeles 2009

Los Angeles, 2009 – thank you Curious Josh for taking great photos!

Chromatic Santour: Kourosh Zolani

26 04 2013

A friend of the community…


[View the story “Chromatic Santour: Kourosh Zolani and his unique instrument of peace” on Storify]

In my musical travels I met a extraordinary man named Kourosh Zolani who grew up in a small village in Iran and chose to bring the native Santur into the modern chromatic scale, bringing traditional Persian music into modern places. Go see him in Los Angeles if you get a chance!

He has 3 free shows and demonstrations of the Chromatic Santour coming up in LA:

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Venice Library – 4:00PM

Saturday, May 18, 2013
Brentwood Library – 3:00PM

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Palisades Library – 3:00PM

Here’s a demo of how the Behrad Zolani Santour instrument works, and a composition of Kourosh’s youthful inspiration gives a sense of his Persian roots.

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Lightning Temple Machinima

5 03 2009

While we envision various types of music and performance on our stage we map things out virtually in our holodeck in Second Life. This machinima video shows a bit of our planning work as we look at stage direction, lighting and performance logistics for the Lightning Temple.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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New festival mockup

19 02 2009

Thinking of bringing the Lightning Temple to an event near you? Check out one configuration, a footprint and layout plan for a large outdoor music festival.

Lightning Temple

25 12 2008

Peter Sistrom created this illustration based on descriptions of performances in our meetings, tweaked by our engineers and designers as we work toward building the temple this winter.  Thank you all for your gifts and kind support as we prepare for a mindblowing 2009 Lightning Temple tour for you to share with those you love most.

Lightning Temple is an experience designed to be shared and we will be encouraging you every step of the way to join us and participate by sharing your talents with us and everywhere, at arts festivals and museums and city centers around the US in 2009, and worldwide in 2010.  We have many interesting ideas to explore with you on alternative energy resourcing, distribution and management and our performers will be showing you new advances in technology that may completely change the way you look at the world. No matter what experience you come to the temple with, we welcome you and wish you nothing but a light road on the life journey.

3D Interactivation Preview

13 12 2008

This 3D Sketchup preview of the interactivation station at the center of the temple shows a bit of the sacred geometries embedded throughout the design of the Lightning Temple.  Stations provide direct tuning and sound healing experiences based on solfeggio frequencies.

You can see the frame where the 22′ stages will sit above tesla coils nested inside the Metatron, a double tetrahedra.  The stages will host lightning and fire performances and serve as points for aerial silk tissu and lyra.  Shows will be most spectacular at night and guests will be invited during daylight hours to play within the structure, hosting meditation and healing workshops.