Lightning Temple

25 12 2008

Peter Sistrom created this illustration based on descriptions of performances in our meetings, tweaked by our engineers and designers as we work toward building the temple this winter.  Thank you all for your gifts and kind support as we prepare for a mindblowing 2009 Lightning Temple tour for you to share with those you love most.

Lightning Temple is an experience designed to be shared and we will be encouraging you every step of the way to join us and participate by sharing your talents with us and everywhere, at arts festivals and museums and city centers around the US in 2009, and worldwide in 2010.  We have many interesting ideas to explore with you on alternative energy resourcing, distribution and management and our performers will be showing you new advances in technology that may completely change the way you look at the world. No matter what experience you come to the temple with, we welcome you and wish you nothing but a light road on the life journey.




One response

16 02 2009
amani kotb

This is SO cool.. I wish to see that lightining temple near Maryland sometime soon (since I am homebound with my aging dogs right now and can’t travel much.) BTW: I came across your blog here through a secondlife connection rather. I was browsing inKenzo. evonne’s SL flickr photos, which were tagged for NPSL. I am creating a website for a new (charity) group in SL called Paloma Roja (for fundraising for animal and children Charities in RL) and I came across your global justice pix.. etc etc.. You get the idea. I did add you as a contact on flickr under my SL identity ‘ocean miami.’ Thank you for this good work and hope to see you in either lives.

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